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Looking for advice - new vocalist

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I've only recently (past 6 months) started trying to actually "sing", and am currently trying to be the lead vocalist of a band. We play a more modern rock sound, with influences of metal, which I think is a pretty demanding genre to sing.

What I'm looking for here is an honest opinion of my intonation, tone, and whether or not I should bother to seek vocal lessons. My primary concern is to sing on pitch (isn't it always?).

Any advice on exercises or techniques I could use to improve my sound would be very welcome. It's just very hard to get an unbiased critique from friends and family, because they all want to be encouraging. Basically my question is, based on what I've done, is it possible that I could develop my abilities to become a competent vocalist?

Thank you to all in advance for your honest opinion.

Attached is the demo we recorded one night for a new track, vocals start @ 0:20.

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