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bleeding ears? ___Acapella Marilyn Manson_Minute of Decay

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For some reason I still haven't given up at this singing/recording thing. Once in a blue moon I will post here for your critiques, and I think I am slowly making progress. One of my biggest critiques along the way has been to sing louder, and stop burying my voice in the mix (which I guess I do because I am nervous I don't sound good).

So, to combat my fear, here is an acapella of Marilyn Manson's "Minute of Decay".

In this take I am aware of a couple of flaws I want to work on in another take...in some areas I lack power where I feel like I should be screaming/yelling/belting but, I really just am not sure how to do that and not sound totally silly!?!

Without further adieu;

Thanks for listening, and please tell me your thoughts!

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