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Thanks to Robert Lunte

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Robert is incredible! He is a master vocal trainer/coach and I have learned so much in the (4) sessions we have had together. I have seen a huge benefit not only in my singing but I talk for long periods of time in my day job and it has helped my speaking voice out so much which was an added benefit that blows my mind away. He does an amazing job of blending technical detail with very practical tips and exercises for training and improving all key areas of singing - chest to head voice, training for higher octave singing, improved confidence, vocal visualizations, onsets and much more! I was so impressed I bought another 6 sessions. Robert is also helping me hone original songs for an EP/studio project and can't wait to hear the results! Thanks so much, Robert!



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Scott... thanks for posting this, I really appreciate it... its fun training with you because you are both very much a beginner, but I see the potential and early on, we are having moments when your voice is coordinated and balanced just enough that we get insights to the future... we can see where your voice can go and what its potential is. And I'm happy to report, its pretty good... See you on our next sesh... dig in, keep going... your enthusiasm will pay off!

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