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Critique/Review; "The Point of No Return" from Phantom of the Opera

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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and am looking for some feedback, critique and review of me singing "The Point of No Return" from Phantom of the Opera.

A little background on me... I'm 29 years old and have always loved singing in my car and in the shower but only a month ago I took my first formal singing lesson. I've had 4 lessons since then and even just the first glimpse at the world of singing technique (previously unknown to me) has made me so excited to think how much enjoyment I can get out of singing as I continue on in life.

I really loved the 2004 movie rendition of Phantom of The Opera with Gerard Butler, and The Point of No Return is the song I chose to work on. I know there are many other more classically trained Phantoms than Gerard, who sing with better technique, but I'm trying to mostly replicate Gerard's rendition just because I like it so much.


This video I uploaded is a pretty accurate representation of my average attempt at this song. The areas I have the most trouble with in this video are the same areas that I usually have trouble with, so any help you can offer would be immensely helpful to me.

thanks a bunch,


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