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The Balance - original EP with my voice

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Rat Race – awesome, in your face, hard punch. Make this the first one.

Lost in the Sea of Dreams – symphonic approach and time sig with an exotic rhythm pattern. To me, this is opera. Well done.

The Reptiles – very modern Guns and Roses. And I have been a fan of GnR since day one. I am one of the few that enjoy Chinese Democracy, that I know of. I listen to that album every day for 6 months. And it turns out that Axl’s favorite is mine, too. “Better.” And I digress. Awesome track.

Nothing Can Heal My Heart – balladic. A chick-magnet. Keep this one. This brings women to the show and they boyfriends buy the tickets and merch. Softest of the bunch but keep it.

My favorite is hard to decide but it is a toss-up between Rat Race and The Reptiles. Slightly in favor of Rat Race.

So, get a move on, get it released.

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The Balance - where do I start? Deep Purple with a mixture of Joe Lynn Turner from Blackmore's Rainbow days, with highs like Glenn Hughes. And a slight tinge from Blackmore's medieval music from his last venture, Blackmore's Night (yes, I have some of those albums, too. I am a music geek, I guess.)


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Rat race


Great first Track!!! production is fantastic, your voice is fantastic on this, and major props to the guitarist.

Lost in the sea of dreams


Your voice is beautiful on the beginning verses,have not hear this side of you before.

love the symphonic rock riffage that comes after.

The reptiles


Again great singing (getting tired of saying that lol...) Guitar sound is great on this as well.

Nothing can heal my heart


Great vibrato on this.

So far this album is sounding awesome man, i even like the artwork

My favorite track is definitely "Lost in the sea of dreams"have played through that tune like 5 times today lol

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Another song from LP "Balancing out" is out now. Please rate the song, the vocals, the pronunciation, the production, and the lyrics. Thank you.


Lie... To save their skins they lie

Lies keep them high and dry

They're in the public eye

Made of filth and money

They suck you in and make you cry

Promise milk and honey

But make a gain and suck you dry

Ain't no monkey business

A cunning serpent's in your ear

They just feed the kittens

And then you vote for what you hear

Crash! They're gathered here tonight

They say it'll be alright

And pick another scapegoat

Sell your soul and then... they'll make you one of them

So that's the price... ha-ha-ha

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Another track by The Balance - Fast as a bullet. It is dedicated to those people who like riding their bikes by the light of the moon :)



Put on the skid-lid and leathers that wrap 'round you tight

Start your street fighter and let it backfire tonight

No hesitation, so ride with no fear

No indecision, just let yourself get out of here

In the night your restless heart's burning inside

Ride your 1 kicker as fast as a bullet tonight

Move 'round the twisties then speed up and drop out of sight

Lone wolf in the night

Black lid in the light

Burn out at the start

Rush forward to chill the heart

Ride your crotch rocket and let 'em be jealous tonight

Never let run out of fuel and stay at the height

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Another track by The Balance - Stuck in Limbo. It tells the audience about... Hmmm... Well, you'd better take a listen :)


No flesh, no blood

No fear and no pain

Just 0's and 1's

In my digital brain

I'm not a man

Not a creature of God

Synthetic blend's

Infiltrating my heart

(So) What's my destiny?

Lost for eternity

Longing for clarity

Waiting for Judgment (Day)

One misty day

Pulse chains in my brain

Made me aware

And I felt ghastly pain

No sins I've made

But I'm falling from grace

Neither evil nor good

Gates of Limbo I'll face

Oh my good Lord

Don't leave me imprisoned

in this timeless plane of existence

It's thy will to bring me salvation

Show me the way out of the realm of the dead

And let me enter Heaven

Or pass the circles of Hell

As soon as I'm dead

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Another song from the upcoming LP...


A night’s at my door

A shade’s on the floor

A beautiful face

Behind curtain lace

A fairy of light

Far into the night

So charmed and inspired

I’m losing my mind…

Oh, this can’t be a dream, just a dream, wildest dream

Caught by the light

And gone by sunrise

A princess of night

In angel’s disguise

Pleasure and pain

You bring me again

Take off this chain

You drive me insane

I’m holding your hand

But night’s gonna end

My love at first sight

Don’t leave at first light…

Oh, I want you to come back again and again

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Another song is out now...

I am the one who rules your dreams

Unconscious deeds and eeriest fears

The lord of chaos in your mind

My single wish can make you cry

Or I can put you on cloud 9

An easy game to rob you blind

Your secret desire

Will blaze up like fire

Delight and admire

I’ll lift you much higher

I’ll penetrate your mind…

I’ll penetrate your mind…

I’ll penetrate your mind…

I’ll penetrate your mind…

Mr. Joker, Mr. Joker is my name

Mr. Joker, Mr. Joker, that’s my game

Spawned by the dark side of your soul

I’ll win the game and take control

Of your existence and belief

Your dreams will fade to black and white

And in the shadows of the night

You’ll find it out there’s no relief

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