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Am I decent or horrible?

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You do have a good voice. What I would suggest is changing emphasis here and there. I don't know the song, not being an avid fan of Chris Brown, though I admire his work, in general. Anyway, you have the same level of volume and there is not much change in expression. That is an aesthetic observation, one about style. And not being big into R&B, I am possibly not the best one to comment. My favorite R&B was Hall and Oates, which shows my age, yes it does.

But your pitch and articulation was good. So, you already have basic skills that have taken others years to get.

Also, not knowing the song, I don't know if the melody is supposed to be that tight. There's not much variation in melody, as if it were all sung within 5 or 6 notes.

So, my observations are those of a rock and roll guy with my head stuck in the 70's.

Which means that my opinion and $1.60 will get you a 20 oz Diet Coke.

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Thanks for the quick feedback, ronws. :)

I made a couple mistakes in this song, especially in the beginning.

I just started the channel, and I'm going to start putting up videos regularly.

And another question, do vocal lessons ACTUALLY help?


P.S R&B is NUMBER #1 :P Haha, just my opinion, though.

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Vocal lessons can help any one. Even singers who are already on the road, singing in a band.

Lou Gramm (Foreigner) got voice lessons later in life.

As did Michael Bolton.

James Hetfield (Metallica).

Dee Snider was a trained countertenor before getting in with Twisted Sister.

Pat Benetar, back when she was Patricia Andsrejewski, had been trained since adolescence as a soprano and already had an audition set for Julliard with the plans of becoming an opera singer. She then ran off and married her boyfriend, Sargeant Benetar, US Army and she started singing in jazz clubs and restaurants.

And yes, voice lessons can also help you with singing R&B, hopefully one familiar with your genre, as he or she can give tips on vocal melody arrangement that help you decide how to do a run that makes your voice shine.

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