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Voice improvement questions

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Hi there! Been a long time since I first posted here. My second post. Yaaaay! :D

Anyways, as the title says, I've had some magical type of improvements on my voice which I was glad to. I've been watching some Pro Singing Exercises on YouTube, and found this wonderful guy " Eric Arceneaux " . I've been doing his exercises for 4 days, and I've noticed a huge difference.

Been doing a lot of lip rolls with scales , Yah-Yah's, Uh-uh scales, and Vocal Fry executions. When I'm using vocal fry, I just use it to talk. Not like the others are doin', like from fry to head, or fry to whistle. Instead, I talk using the fry. In a period of days, I found it easy to Belt and my head voice seem to improve from a few notes.

My voice range ( from my 1st post ) was E2-E4. But as I practiced some exercises, My tessitura now was, C2-F#4 in which I could belt out to A5 and fry up to A2. My head voice had some strong outputs between D3-F4 and the higher ones still seem to be breathy and airy.

What I wanna ask is if these exercises really worked out for me (or just a process due to adolescence, since I'm just 14) , and if I should continue it. And if you'd know other useful exercises, You might wanna share it with me. Thanks! Hoping for replies and feedback. :)

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And one more, I forgot to mention that I've been doing vocal fry in reverse phonation (inhaling). Is that a bad thing to practice? One told me to refrain from doing that because it may irritate my folds. Replies please! Thanks. And by the way, hoping for contributions of vocal exercises. Haha :)

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