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Advice please

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Hello everyone,

Hopefully somebody can help me or advise me.

My situation is that I am having problems learning how to apply the concept of formulating one "long" powerful note. You know, when you transition through all the vocal registers seamlessly as depicted in the following video.


N.B I have also seen numerous other videos that emphasizes this concept.

So what I was wondering is, if there are any programs that I should purchase in order to help me achieve my goal of achieving this one powerful note (helping me access the mix voice on a consistent basis).

I only say this because all of the youtube videos explain the concept (I'm assuming the concept is strongly correlated with accessing the mix voice), however none of the videos explain "what is supposed to be done" or how to train in order to achieve this desired blending of registers.

Thank you

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For programs the best ones for learning this are 4 pillars or KTVA.

but I would personally strongly recommend just taking weekly lessons with a great coach. I learned how to get my voice completely seamless from taking lessons with Phil Moufarrege and highly recommend him.

The problem with programs is there's no one there to correct your individual mistakes so inevitably you will still develop bad habits and hit a wall in your progress, just like you are with these youtube videos. Yes the programs give more instruction but it is still not enough to fully troubleshoot your individual issues. Only a great coach teaching you in real time can get you over any stumbling blocks, you won't be able to solve them yourself in a reasonable about of time. And with as difficult a technique as connecting the voice to be completely seamless, the chances of learning it without consulting a great coach are next to nothing. I'm just being real, I don't want you to waste your time. If you want to learn this quickly you need regular lessons with a great coach.

OR if you use a program, be sure to supplement it with occasional lessons with the program's creator to check in and make sure you're doing everything correctly. That will work just about as well.

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All the programs are just fine. If you take your time and really understand why you use certain exercises you will be doing good. It's all about practice and not getting ahead of yourself. If you play it smart and don't just blow through the exercises and then get mad cause your not seeing enough progress. Take your time listen to the program read it thoroughly you will be fine. Some guys guys bounce around from program to program teacher to teacher because they don't take the time to build the voice slowly and skillfully. All the exercises in the programs are fine you don't need a thousand exercises just a few that you understand and build on.

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