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Robert Lunte & The 4 Pillars Course Review

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I just wanted to Post this in a new thread so that it is easily visible. I purchased The 4 Pillars of singing course roughly 2 years ago. I had started singing in a band about 6 months before, and I recognized the need for learning how to sing. When I was in high school, I was able to "hit" the notes I wanted to sing, but they sounded horrible. When I decided to sing for my band (due to lack of any other singer), I found out that my voice was way lower, and that I just could not sing the stuff I wanted to sing.

After the first month of pillars training, I was able to navigate into the A4 region - which was huge for me since I could not even get to E4 without straining and sounding like Godzilla roaring. The course has VERY detailed information about everything you would ever need to know about the voice.

Since I purchased Pillars, every once in a while, I have had a need for more direction - for instance, getting stuck on a certain note or song. Every time I have needed advice, Robert has answered. And, his attention to customer service is also awesome!

I feel it important to note that Robert has always been there for me when I needed him. I would be happy to answer anyone's questions concerning his training program. You can either post the question here, or email me at keith_goehner@yahoo.com - and I will answer.

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And bless you, Keith, for being such a grand and honorable human being. Others might say that I only say that because you were the only one to give me a little applause for "Full Moon." But I mean it.

And you deserve all the good things that can come to you.

As well for Robert Lunte. Generous to a fault, indefatiguable, with a true passion for singing.

Long live Mr. Lunte and long live this Forum and media site.

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