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Recommandations on a light mass song to work on

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Hi guys, I just thought well I'm doing all this head voice work and I have a huge way to go but it would be nice to have something to shoot for.

I'm not use to singing songs in the head voice or even in a light mass configuration to tell the truth so any ideas you have are welcome.

Just have fun with it!


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lol good point!

Rock would be best, the problem is that all the rock singers that I really like tend to sing quite heavy.

I've been listening to Jamie T alot (partially cos we have similar accents) but problem is there is alot of rap and not much singing.

Anything really from the 50's through to the noughties rock would be good.

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lool thanks Gneetapp ,High and low is definitely the right direction mass wise! Although I like the way it's written with intelligent key changes etc.... it just doesn't get the juices flowing ;)

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Try one of the Journey ballads - Faithfully or Open Arms.

Of the two I'd go for Open Arms. The reason I say that is that I've done Faithfully with a thicker fold setup for a while, since the tessitura isn't too incredibly demanding. Open Arms I could never get through with thick folds. Lights is also a really good one that forces you to thin out as well.

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any song by Journey

any song by Yes

Most songs by the Beach Boys

The Who actually has a lot of songs with some great lighter moments within them, often where Pete sings, or sometimes Roger backs off too. Light parts in paranthesis:

Bargain (bridge)

The Song is Over (verses)

Red Blue and Grey (whole thing)

How Many Friends (verses)

(there are others I'm just naming the few I can think of)

Pink Floyd definitely has some lighter stuff, not sure exactly what.

Tons of Radiohead songs. I started listing them but there are WAY too many - particularly from Kid A onwards

A lot of Beatles stuff, probably more so Lennon - A Day in the Life is a good one for light.

I'll leave it at that for now

But really, if you're okay with the music, The Beach Boys material I've found to be by far the best to really challenge me to get the light gentle side of my voice to be coordinated and seamless. If your plan is to work on staying connected at a light intensity rather than being heady but powerful, or straight flipping to falsetto, then it would be great to practice their stuff to master your gentle side and build a great foundation for bridging. With the Beach Boys it's lots and lots of light mix bridging into head voice.

However if you want to work on a full powerful sounding lighter mass/heady coordination and the whole "illusion of power" approach, then the Yes and Journey stuff would be better.

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he are a few that you may want to try that will really challenge you and that's a good thing...., and the audience will love these....

queen: crazy little thing called love, nevermore (a lesser known beautiful tune), days of our lives

the rasberries, go all the way

roy orbison, in dreams, crying

chris isaak, wicked game

smokey robinson, i second that emotion

sam cooke, you send me

three dog night, one

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