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Excess saliva, nasal congestion, acid reflux fumes, and technique

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This is about acid reflux fumes, not acid reflux liquid. Acid reflux liquid effects can be found on the web easily.

I have acid reflux, and suspect I have excessive acid reflux fumes. According to my gastroenterologist, the vast majority of acid reflux is liquid, with a minor acidic fume component. I have never been able to gather accurate information as to how or whether acid reflux fumes might cause nasal congestion while singing.

The body reacts to excessive acid liquid by creating more saliva, which is basic. I've also somewhere seem to have read that the nasal cavity shuts itself down, when exposed to more acidic fumes or liquid. This makes sense.

Where I'm puzzled is whether its a technique issue causing my nasal passage to shut down or its excessive acid fumes. Additionally, when I sing, I salivate excessively at times. I don't know whether this is acid reflux fumes or everyone else experiences this.

I can direct my air flow to different parts of my oral and nasal cavities; thereby, reducing the amount of air passing through the nasal cavity. This reduces the amount of nasal congestion, but it often sound less desirable. It would also seem to me also that anyone, with or without acid reflux fumes, can cause the nasal cavity to congest by sending too much air flow. So, I can't tell whether it is acid reflux fumes or excessive air flow causing the nasal cavity to congest. And I don't know if anyone else experiences this or not.

In summary,

1. Might you know about the effects of acid reflux fumes on singing?

2. Have any knowledge about whether singing techniques can cause nasal congestion?

3. Do you salivate excessively when singing? If so, do you have acid reflux? When you were younger (most people get a minor degree of acid reflux as they grow older), did you salivate excessively when singing?


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