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'I Can't Do This Anymore' - What To Do When You Forget How To Sing?

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Hey guys,

I had a really interesting lesson today with a student I've been teaching for a year or so. We'd been working on his top range and got him belting and mixing some serene, beautiful notes. But today, he'd just forgotten how to do it. His chest voice was sticking, he was forcing from his gut, and he was losing the easy resonance we'd been working on. I realised that he'd fallen into a psychological trap that I'd been stuck in before, and I wrote a blog post about it to make sure it never happened again. Here it is:


Has this happened to anyone here? How did you overcome it?

Matt :)

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Yes I'm very familiar with this. Its almost always a result of mental and/or physical fatigue. The way my teacher has fixed it in lessons is he'll have me go through a different lighter exercise for a while just to get the voice to release and rebalance again. About 5 mins of that and we go back to the song and I'm singing way better. Something else he did once in the past that only works if you don't have a student after, is to just let them take 10 minutes vocal rest when they get fatigued, then resume the lesson, adding those lost minutes back onto the end. Ironically, the first approach seems to work better though.

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