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news on nexium

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for the folks that have to take it, nexium is now available over the counter. of all the proton pump drugs, this is probably one of the better ones.

please note: i am not recommending nor endorsing any medication, just advising on it's availability w/o/ prescription. it's much more affordable now. still consult your doctor.


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what are you talking about?...lol!!!!

I'm not quite sure either, Bob :rolleyes:

But I found the necessity to post a warning about other drugs : Prevacid OR Prilosec

I can't recall which one it was as it's been so many years ago, but before both of these medications were available over the counter, I was prescribed one of these many, many years ago for ulcers.

As I read the enclosed flyer, I was amazed to see what was written about one of the above !

Quote : "Prolonged use of this medication may cause stomach cancer".

Great ! It will get rid of the ulcers, but now you'll have stomach cancer !!! :mad:

Just wanted to post this in the best interests of our members....

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