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Fool-Proof Technique (Magic Pill)

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You know what I just realized... most of the professionals and teachers do this almost religiously yet on a realistic level most beginner singers do not.

Even if you have the BEST technique in the world... with years of fine-tuning and experience... impeccable hearing and artistry, an awesome hairtcut to boot... water makes you a BETTER singer!!!

Anyways, that's the big secret. On to the specific question... what are the best times to drink water, how much to drink (does it vary changing on activity level), and how frequently? Scientific explanation would be great - but your personal opinions would be fine.

Just a random singer's fact for the non-SLS people, apparently Brett Manning wakes up in the middle of the night to drink water... lol is that what it takes to have a 5 octave range :P And there are MJ interviews somewhere when asked what tips he would give singers to sing better... he said (in Michael Jackson voice) "Drink lots of water!"


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And all this time I was drinking Mountain Dew. :o What was I thinking. Who needs killer range when you look like this? (insert avatar here).

Well, there's no improving my look, regardless of what I or anyone else drinks. Which can be liberating. Why waste energy on being beautiful if all hope is lost, from the start?


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