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Simethicone, antiacid, proton inhibitors, acid reflux gas-side-effects

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Again, this deals with acid reflux gas, not liquid. If you have questions about liquid, ask me, I've been able to deal with this in unusual ways--my gastroenterologist is famous and I've had to do some research here; so it's not flako information.

Does anyone know of anything other than the above that can reduce the amount of gaseous acid reflux? (Simethicone doesn't reduce, but may affect).

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The ideal 'treatment' for reflux is assesment and reduction of risk factors which include stopping smoking, keeping a food diary and noting which foods cause you problems and hence avoiding them, over engorging, eating a short period of time before going to bed, sitting hunched over (yes your gran was onto something when they tell you to sit up when eating!) and of course, being overweight.

If this doesn't work, drug treatments are used sch as the ones you mentioned, with an antacid being first line and bought over the counter. Some prescription meds include a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole or lazoprazole, a H2 antagonist such as ranitidine (not used so much now).

In certain cases, you might give a prokinetic drug such as metaclopramide to increase the speed at which food leaves the stomach and this can be effective if you also suffer from bloating (and is also the drug of choice junior doctors who spend too much time in the pub the night before work and feel ill in the morning!).

Then of course there is surgery as a last line. The cardiac sphinter which links the oesophagus to the stomach can be tightened, however, the success of this surgery is very varied.

And now I've just realised ou are talking about gas......well actually most of it is still relevent with perhaps the pro kinetic agent being more useful.

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I have found success eating foods that cause a ph reading of urine to be more neutral or alkaline instead of acid. This includes fresh fruits and veggies... especially fresh (not canned, bottled or frozen) juice. My naturapath suggested I juice 1/2 gallon romaine lettuce, carrot, beet (careful not too much, beet is strong), celery, apple and tomato... if you refrigerate it you can drink it over the course of a day.

I also take a couple of simple suppliments: HCL Pepsin and if I eat meat at a meal, Protease enzyme.

It works for me.

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I just added an article on acid reflux to my website, explaining the basics for anyone you know who might need an introduction to the topic.

you can get right to it here:

voiceofyourlife.com/cm/Articles on health%2C singing%2C singers/Vocal Health/Acid reflux & voice.html

Also -I take Omega 3 capsules for general health, but find that if I overdo them my digestion gets hot & crampy. :/ Just a heads-up --

best of health to everyone & every larynx out there!

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