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New song - Fragments

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I just finished recording a new song called Fragments. Please check it out at:


There's also a rough demo of an older song called End of Sleep over there.

Would appreciate if you lent your ears to the tunes, and looking forward to comments on any aspect of the songs, and of course especially vocals.

If you like my music, please do me a big favour and pass it on to more people.

Thanks for your time.

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Wow! I was completely blown away.

Very well written - imaginative, creative and never dull. And to think that people like all that repetitive rubbish on the charts. Nice guitar tone and well executed technical chops. And you can sing!!! You kept the vocals confined to the quieter parts of the song, which I thought was very wise. Trying to sing over the distorted guitars on some of the heavier parts of the song would be difficult,

Do you have a myspace or reverbnation page?

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