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Singing with my Diaphragm !

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Hello everyone! I wanted to come find a community to help me improve my singing and TMV looks like a great place to find that needed help. The style of music I do is deathcore and metalcore which seems kinda whacky but in order to be one of the great screamers you need to have the basic singing down. My voice naturally has a lot of power to it. Very wide vocal range and a lot of other things that seem to lead me in the direction of singing. I have no professional experience nor any training (vocal coach, school, ect...). One thing I keep hearing is to breathe into my stomach (lower part of my lungs or the 360 breath). The breathing I have down it doesn't feel forced I don't take too much in and it feels natural, but when it comes to the exhaling I am having a hard time some people say it doesn't feel like it comes from your throat or mouth but your stomach. I flex my abs when I exhale and I notice absolutely no difference. I have done the Hissing Exercises (Breathe in for 10 seconds, his for 15 or whatever) and none of it is working. I really want to get this down but I don't feel like I can without reaching out to others.

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Don't flex the abs to breathe. Breathe to flex the abs.

Also, "singing from the diaphragm" doesn't necessarily mean singing louder or with more pressure. It means you use the diaphragm to control the airflow, hence the tension in the muscles.

I feel one of the best exercises to get diaphragmatic support down is to do scales on a belt configuration through a straw. If you can stay connected your support should be good. If you're blowing too much air you'll disconnect (flip into falsetto). If you use too little, you fry.

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