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Voice disappearing but don't know how to save it...

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I had been singing for 9 years, up until I turned 16. My voice had always been fine, until put of nowhere, a continuous burning feeling hit the back of my throat. This burning feeling has been taking away the notes of my vocal range significantly ever since. I went from having about 3 octaves of notes, to only being able to make a sound for about 6 notes currently. All the other notes I used to have in my range, now come out without sound, just strained air; I also haven't been able to scream for more than a year (not that I screaming was something I did often). It has been so hard to sing notes that used to be so easy for me; now every note I have tried to sing sounds strained and pitchy.

I've been to a doctor before, but they haven't been able to figure out what had happened to me. Neither my doctor or my parents cared about my lost singing voice; I'm still able to speak well, and I'm apparently still considered healthy and that's all that really mattered.

I'm 17 years old now, and I've had to deal with the loss of my singing voice for more than a year. I just have no idea what's wrong or how I could fix it. Has anyone else has this happen to them or what it could be?

I miss my singing voice so much and am desperate to get it back.

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Have you been to an ENT? A normal doctor probably won't be able to give detailed help on vocal matters but an ENT (ear nose throat specialist) will. They may be able to give you a laryngoscopy and actually take a look at your vocal folds to check for damage as well. I'd recommend that.

I don't know much about female voice change but perhaps you just had it hit harder than most so that is a possibility.

Anyone, the two kinds of professionals you want to see to sort out this issue are an ENT, and a well qualified vocal teacher or any one who works in voice rehabilitation (such as a speech pathologist).

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