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Singing style of vocalist from band called CARE.

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Hello. I am not that bright in terms of vocal styles and tecchnique so I would be glad if someone could enlighten me by telling what kind of style use this vocalist :


Care - My boyish days. And maybe how to improve this style of singing?

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Well, that's his style, really. There are no schools of style or whatever, like saying "his style is country", "his style is funk"... it's more like " it sounds so effortlessly and easily flowing! There are no pressure in a voice.." or "his voice sounds funky-ish, kind of nasal and has a cool sense of rythm" ( someone like RHCP singer for example ).

The guy has good technique, and his tone is just like that. He focuses the resonance quite a lot in the mouth-pharynx. Now, phrasing and stuff... that's something you just have to hear and copy.

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