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Avril Lavigne - Mobile (Vocal Cover)

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My vocal cover on Avril Lavigne's song Mobile. I just really want to know what people think, I really just love singing, i always have since i was a kid and want to be heard.

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Nice that you uploaded a video, it's better to figure out what's happening.

Well, you are singing in a very low volume, that's why your voice hasn't developed more strength. You have a good sense of pitch, and the times that you where slightly off pitch I think was because your technique doesn't follow your ear and because you kind of forgot the part, haha.

The first thing I noticed is that your body is not connected to your voice. It seems you don't know yet how to use correct breath support. ( It's the same sensation like when you inhale the smoke from a cigarette and try to speak while not not to letting it out )

I like your timbre, although it will probably sound different when you start to sing with power, so when singing loud, don't be afraid to sound different to what you sound like right now. The same thing happened to me when I started gaining strength with my training :)

I watched your old videos and it seems that you where pretty breathy back then ( 2 years ago ). Singing Avril Lavigne stuff probably has lead you to somewhat get rid of that breathyness, which is good. Your tone is clearer now.

I think that to make considerable progress you only need to train correctly and consistently.

There is also a psychological part in there too, as being shy obviously hampers your voice in that "loud" and "powerful" side.

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