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I want to back up my singing lessons with some books, just for periods when I don't have time to take lessons or want to practice on my own... I'm looking for vocal exercises and some techniques applicable for specific styles:

1. Are there any books for R&B, soul and gospel singing? something that touches classic R&B and techniques like melismatic singing?

1. Recommended books on rock singing?

3. Are there any recommended books in general?

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Not arguing here.

Basically, I'm mostly looking for a supplement for the vocal lessons - which are very helpful but I can't always do on a weekly basis (June was a busy month for example).

Not a vocal training program - but more like a book with ideas and exercises that I can approach when I want to practice. Preferably - in my favorite musical styles (I think that they could be summarized with classic rock and classic R&B and everything in between...)

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Daniel hit the nail on the head. Training may give you the ability to hit the notes, but you also need to learn what notes to hit and timing and dynamics. If you are not going study musical theory you need to practice many different songs and styles. Even if you find a killer run that you love it may not fit with the song you are singing.

Vocal Excercises are usually a bland, follow the scale, metered pattern. Singing is not. At least not always.

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