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Trouble Negotiating My Second Passaggio/Training Reinforced Falsetto

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My first break is around B2, I accidentally learned seamless mixing through that one. My second break is around C4. I can sing a little beyond C4 if I add a lot of false fold distortion, this is the only time I can healthily add false fold distortion, or any kind of distortion, for some reason. If I really push, usually in head voice as opposed to mixed I can break beyond C4 and go into some kind of "reinforced falsetto" (is that the same as the pharyngeal voice?) that starts to thin out above C6. That reinforced falsetto is difficult to sustain and control. It begins to hurt very quickly and I get sad. I really want to learn how to train this high end to allow for blending with the rest of my voice and to double my lame two octave range.

I have CVT but I don't know how to organize my strange voice into its modes. When I do my Jerome Hines imitation I can tell I'm curbing because I feel the "hold." Except that my curbing is very loud. That kind of curbing I start to feel above my first break. When I'm not in opera mode I can't feel a hold so I don't know what mode that is. Below the curbing I assume I'm in overdrive, but I don't really know what the "bite" is supposed to be. I feel the placement to be large and spherical in the lower back of my throat, I start to lose this really good resonance below C2. Head voice can be in neutral or the mysterious non-curbing, curbing-range mode. I can do neutral in chest voice. I have no idea what edge is or how to achieve it, I'm not very good at twanging evidently, or maybe it's just that I can't go high enough to do it well, but I assume my C6s have to be in edge, right? Additionally, I have a whistle register that I have no control whatsoever over, when I'm not straining enough at my second break, or in mixed voice, instead of the reinforced falsetto I flip into this whistle. No clue what mode that should be, no clue how high it goes.

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Wow slow down abit here sonny :) btw can i call you.sonny?

Post a clip of what your doing, you sound way to confused in all the terminologies floating around to be honest it's very hard knowing where your at from your description.

Lets start here: whats your aim with your voice?

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