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Using air before a word?

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Is it ok to use air like "(hh)I want to go" instead of "I want to go"? I mean not constantly, on certain words, where its good to be used, where to be avoided or is it nothing to worry at all? Not from an aesthetic point of view but from a technical one. Something similar is kind of sliding to the note, going from light to normal fold closure.

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if we're speaking for technical reasons, i would try to get to the cause of why you need to use the "h" to begin with.

don't use the "h" as a cure all, band aid......sliding up to a note is not advisable either. sliding can become habitual and can mess with your pitch. you should be able to hit your notes dead on.

you might try moving away from glottal attacks and allowing too much air to expel when you sing. learn to place the air pressure or lean into the vocal folds rather than blasting into them or bombarding then with too much force.

your biggest help in cutting this down tendency to blast air is your support.

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