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Make speaking (and singing) voice louder

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Lately my voice has been very quiet, and I find myself having to repeat whatever I said because the person I was talking to could barely hear me. I feel like I'm talking pretty loudly, but evidently not... That said, I've been trying to focus on breathing deeper, but it doesn't seem to help much. What do I need to do to get my voice back to a good volume? (I'm mainly talking about speaking, but the problem translates into my singing as well.)

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You can try some exercises using occlusion like humming or the straw exercise, trying to relax and aiming to get a buzzing sensation forward without forcing it.

But, specially when it comes to singing, orientation. Could be a matter of openning more, using more energy, too hard to know and its easy to start pressing without noticing.

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pretend you see a person that looks like he's about to walk into oncoming traffic, and you want to warn him.

you'd say something like "hey,look out!!" without any thought or preparation.

pretend and try it. what engaged to enable that burst?

your mental intent to protect him engaged the needed vocal fold adduction and your support kicked in to power the note (the callout was a pitch).

to sing louder you need good vocal fold closure, an (appropriate) increase in support along with a mental intent.

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