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Incredible Vocal Sound Colors : Meet Zechariah Valette

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Robert Lunte

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My buddy "Zech" came by the studio one afternoon unexpected, impromptu, surprise performance. Hugely gifted and I am proud to say, one of my songwriting partners. To visit "Zeck's" YouTube click here: https://www.youtube.com/user/zachvmusic

To learn more about The Vocalist Studio, our students and the techniques that we train at TVS, click this link:


Zechariah Valette, TVS Student:

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You posted this in another thread and I replied there.

But yeah, that guy is really good. And I like his sense of humor, and yours.

"You ever, I don't know, think about what you could if you had some real talent?"

A choice bit of ribbing that reminds me of my old workmates.

My old workmate, Lee, worth ten times as any other man I have met, we used to trade witty banter. Coming back to work from a big lunch at a mom-n-pop diner (for seven dollars, you could eat until you forget your name), he would say, "I feel full and totally useless."

I would reply, "How do we tell the difference between now and before lunch?"


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He is not a teacher... so I don't think so... Just because he can make these sounds, it doesn't mean that he can teach it. He is my part-time student.

Excellent point. Not to diss your friend's skills, admirable as they are. But, as I have found in the experience of my career as both an electrician and a teacher of electrical trades, being able to do something and being able to teach it are two different skill sets. And not necessarily transferrable to other subjects. I might be a good teacher of electrical trades but it does not mean I would be a good teacher of something else, such as singing, for example.

I have known a number of electricians who are good at their jobs but lousy with people and just don't have that "thing" it takes to teach it.

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