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Critique pls: High Hopes by Kodaline practice cover

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Hey everyone! Please take a listen and see if yall can help me out. For the record, I've been doing KTVA volume 2 for about a month but only recently have been able to get my practice back to daily warmups again after being overseas.

My first recorded practice cover of this song, I have been working on it for about a week now. Excuse my sniffing through my allergies between verses.

a few things I noticed: I pinch up sometimes instead of using glottal compression (which I'm just now getting the hang of) Time could be closer to TAA-EM.. and the way I modify "high hopes" is not consistent, though I wish I could find something that sounds good, feels good, good and will work consistently. Perhaps take the "high" closer to HAA...

I'm already pretty happy with the fact that I've been able sing this song at all (used to top out at E4 lol) but I really want to improve it!

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