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One of the best rock singers I've heard - unknown from India

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mmh i would like to see him belt the first half of the 5th octave in a convincing way without the need of cover it up below false folds distortion, i say this not to create controversy but because this is something really difficult to find in male singers! (to the point that little by little i have been loosing the interest on the 5th octave, because most singers that belt the 4th octave, cannot belt the first half of the 5th octave -C5 to F5- in the same mode, so they have 2 voices -axl rose-, or they have to disguise his 5th octave below distortion -as this singer, also mike patton, vile vallo, etc..-, or lastly, they have to lower the volume of their 4th octave to match the sound they have on the 5th -kyo from dir en grey currently is the one that convinces me the most with how he manages to belt the 4th octave and C5-F5 but he still has to do this, he had to lower the volume he used to use for his 4th octave to match the sound with the 5th-).

^^^ I completely agree! I hope his distortion method isn't hurting him either. If anyone has a clip of him singing clean in that range to share, I would love to hear it!

Axl Rose was a heavy user of mask/twang, so much that he had to thin out his deep baritone lower register sound to a degree to match his upper range.

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Axl singing all parts. The low part is actually the lead vocal line. Though the chorus is higher, of course.

Please excuse the incongruity of mistyped lyrics and a band line-up that did not exist when this song was recorded.

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Robert Cray (and I have seen him in concert) has 3 guitars he rotates. He plays one or two songs with one and the tech comes up on stage and swaps with him, and he starts the next bit. The tech is re-tuning and replacing strings as necesssary. And, also, doing special tunings, like Drop D, when the next song in the set list requires it.

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