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Mid range strenghtening

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Hey all, so I've been playing around a lot with my voice recently, I started out when i got the ambition to sing like Robert Plant, and strengthened my head voice a lot, but recently been listening to a lot of Freddie Mercury and playing around trying to emulate his sound, I realised I can get up to a D5 in chest. Although that's an octave lower than I can go using my head voice, the tone is just sooo much better, but the problem is that I feels as though my voice is straining a bit. My question then, is whether I can achieve the same tonal quality using a mixed voice that I can in my chest voice, and even if the answer is no, I'd rather lose that tone in return for endurance, so any exercises which people have had success with in strengthening their own mid-ranges would be appreciated.


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sustaining not just tapping on d5 in full voice is demanding and takes time to build stability, strength and accuracy.

no secret....just keep doing full voice scales on all vowels with good support. also, work the falsetto in a top down way taking it all the way down sometimes shifting to chest resonance and sometimes remaining in head.

work to maintain a sense of height and space in the vocal tract so that it almost feels like you're descending on to the note from above and dropping down on to it....set your mind to regard the note as linear rather than one you have to go up to.

be realistic, a full solid d5 note can take a long time to perfect, and even then there will be days where you have to duck it...plant, mercury, ducked high notes live a lot.

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