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Hoarseness & Pain one side

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I'm a soprano that's been struggling for a while now with hoarseness (on the lower notes) I gig fairly regularly and try to take care of myself (albeit I have been a mild smoker for two years) and quit finally last week.

It isn't always constant and I have asked others who have failed to notice it

Another thing is i've been having pain on the left side of my neck. I've been to ENT for Eystachian tybe disfunction and asked about the hoarseness and apparently everything looked fine after having a Laryngoscopy.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced pain on one side that isn't constant, that could be related to poor technique /straining?

Any techniques to try get rid of hoarseness??

Any thoughts on what the pain could be? Bad breathing?

This is really getting me down, as i'm finding myself concentrating on the problems and loosing faith in my performance skills

Thanks for any replies! :D

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I have stamina problems too, less than before but still, i also get sometimes pain/irritation on the left side of my neck right at the thyroid area. After a hard workout/singing day, i either get it the same day or the next... or even both!

My bet is wrong technique cause there are times i sing like i am totally free and others my neck is strained even without doing anything. What i found most helpful is concentration on producing a "proper" sound. Concentrate to make it as easy as possible without any unnecessary involvement muscles and go slowly. Poor breathing could cause this as the tension goes to the throat instead of the supporting system. *Edit: Dont forget proper posture.

You better post - copy-paste - it to the "Technique" section and you will receive great help! Definitely something that can be solved since you know you are healthy.

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