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Appoggio training causing hiatal hernia and reflux

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Dear All,

I wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience to me.

After singing rock with no problems for 30 years, I switched 2 years ago to more classical themes and started appoggio training which involved more downward held pressure on the diaphragm to darken resonating tones.

After 3 weeks, I experienced a chest pain leading to the stomach herniating through the diaphragm. Since then, I've had acid reflux every day and problems with a rising/falling stomach.

Anybody else had such a problem resulting from active downward pressure to support tones ? I'd be interested to know (so would my doctors).



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I have similar symptoms, reflux, digestion problems, some stomach pain, a feeling i want to puke and generally i was very disturbed. That started since i first learned about breathing excercises and i overdid it.

1,5 years later i went to the doctor, he examined me and found nothing, he said i was completely ok. I asked him if these could come from breathing excercises and he was clearly negative. I took some pills and now i am fine except some minor problems. I found that a good diet and avoiding certain foods along with proper support helps a lot too.

I know it can be very disturbing, i wish you get well soon.

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never had a problem with this personally but it's possible it came from incorrect support. in some cases incorrect support can cause injury because it has you doing something the body is not meant to do.

correct support when never cause problems like this

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I have been singing for more than 30 years and I have none of those problems. Of course, I may not do appoggio correctly.

But, here's is a medical trivia I heard not to long ago. Men in their 50's are more prone to develope GERD. So, if you have been singing for 30 years, you are around my age, which would make you old enough to start experiencing this. I do know, from an interview, that around the time Brian Johnson reached about 51 or 52, that is when he wsa diagnosed with GERD.

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