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Using a CPAP machine and issues

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Aloha all. After suffering from sleep apnea for a while, I saw an ENT. She performed a septioplasty to clear up a badly deviated septum, but that didn't clear up the problem she and my GP agreed that I needed to get a CPAP machine to allow me to sleep through the night. It's working, but having some not so good side effects.

I've noticed that on waking up in the morning, it's a bit more difficult to breathe in the morning, a result of pressurized air getting forced into my lungs. I got used to that and that feeling goes away after a while. I also wake up with a mouth that feels like a desert, though they've ordered a humidifier for the unit to rectify that.

However, I also experience a heaviness in my breathing that's hard to describe, almost like a chest cold, but without the other symptoms. The day after I first used the CPAP I felt that, and also seem to be coughing up a bit more mucous, and it seems to coming from deeper in my respiratory system than usual. It's been about two weeks now and still feel like that.

I have a doctor's appt this week, but wondering if anyone else here has used this kind of machine with any kind of side affects, and how you were able to deal with it, if at all.


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