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Karnivool and Jorn - Practice

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Hey guys! :D

I've been working lately on carrying more and more weight to my higher notes.

I would really appreciate if you could leave some input here. Been working quite a bit on vowel modifications, so anything that you hear, please point it out :P hehe

Here is the playlist:

( Note that I am not following the time signatures in the Karnivool songs. I'm doing what I can and what I remember but, without music, it's incredibly difficult haha

I forgot some parts in the Karnivool songs so I skipped them, lol )

To the people that could tell me "record it with music :D " I must say, I will start recording with the music in the background the next time I practice, haha.

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Well dayum if I don't hear you on some Eric Clapton, Ray Lamontagne, or Joe Cocker I'm going to be really, really sad. What an interesting and lovely voice you have. You also have this unexpectedly lovely, even, almost classical vibrato. It has a weight but isn't too heavy. Love it.

Watch those high notes- you're reaching up. Try to approach the note from above in your mind and drop down on to it so you aren't straining or reaching up. Make sure you're taking in enough air also, to help your support here.

Dude, don't record with music in the background! Get a mixing programme (there are some decent free ones - inbox me), and record with headphones in, then mix it. I can help out if needed, but you need to be put with music, man. Hit me up. Not meaning to be condescending if you have those things set up, just trying to help :)

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Thank you very much, Garnet :D

I've been training since November, so I have a looong road ahead, haha. Steady but solid :) Funny thing, I had just commented on your thread when I saw the notification that you wrote to me heh

I'd really like to develop a very powerful headvoice, like Bruce Dickinson on the metal side, or Adam Lambert on the pop haha

I'll surely send you a PM. Thanks again :)

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