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So I just got back off the toilet, weird way to start a thread right?

I washed my hands before typing this!

So yeah, remember when Bob and the gang were advocating support as if relieving one's self at the toilet? I think I fully understand the concept, now I have more of a grasp on it now I've learned so much more about singing and support.

Sat there, I pushed for a bowel movement, removed the constriction of the sphincter and concentrated more using my lower back and tensing my ab region and slightly under my sternum. I felt like it was all braced and well supported. The tone produced was free of constriction and strain.

This may be due more control over my voice because of training but my support felt better than previously. I'd also just eaten and had a slightly full belly, something I find helps my support. I feel it better.

I hope this kinda means something to people.

Also as a life update, I recently auditioned for XFactor UK and made it to the final 14 boys before judges houses but unfortunately didn't make the final 6 in the boys category. I'm really proud of myself though :) should hopefully see me on the TV in the UK, depends how they cut it all together. My name is Jordan Pass.

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congrats on getting that far in X Factor, you definitely deserve it!

as for the support, you may be still misunderstanding it...as far as I know, the constriction in the throat actually comes from releasing the sphinchter, and this is easier to understand when you don't have to go to the toilet. If there's nothing to push but internal organs, and you try to push down with all your might but you don't tighten the pelvic floor, if you push down hard enough and there's no floor created, it's rare but possible that you could get a hernia. and meanwhile the body, sensing the awkward movement of trying to build up pressure but not containing it, is obviously gonna be like "NOOOO don't do that" which can cause constriction. Plus you simply can't build up the most intra-abdominal pressure you can. it's like trying to "crush the can" as Phil says but without a FLOOR to crush it against!

in correct support, the sphincter engages which is the back part of the pelvic floor. As Phil has hopefully taught you, you want to whole pelvic floor to engage to create that FLOOR so you can build up pressure without it leaking out of you or risking the possibility of causing a hernia.

at least that's my understanding

It's tough because I still haven't mastered the sensation myself, it takes time to really feel the benefit of the difference - the difference between a tight and loose pelvic floor can be so subtle especially at moderate support amounts, but I do believe it can account for range limitations if you are missing that "floor" to push against and build up more intra-abdominal pressure at times when you need a more extreme amount of support.

the rest of how you described support seems correct.

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heres a real simple way to feel support, "laugh" its just as fun as pooping without the mess…..Seriously you do not need to concentrate on your butthole to sing. its an old idea that got taken out of text and made into confusion that many coaches use as a form of nostalgia. just sing clearly and confidently and when it gets to high you can modify the vowel or modify the intensity or both with a continual consistent breathe flow or control, and path of resonance.

ps congrats dstarr

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heres a real simple way to feel support, "laugh" its just as fun as pooping without the mess…..Seriously you do not need to concentrate on your butthole to sing.

I always wondered how the band, Butthole Surfers, got their name. And now I know. Thing is, is this discussion scatalogical or eschatalogical? There may be a difference.

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