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Long Road Home - A little country twang from Maine

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Just a little treat if you care to listen.

Most here know of my thing for prog metal. But a few years back, my lovely wife, Debra, wrote a little ditty.

I rehashed the words a little into more of a music format and wrote the music for it.

A musician friend of mine and I worked together on recording it at his home studio.

The lyrics reflected my life at the time, as I used to be a long haul truck driver.

The link below will take you to my website where you can find this song as well as a few others.

"Long Road Home" by S.L. Stone

Drums, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar: Rob Pepin

Keyboards, Bass and all Vocals: S.L. Stone


p.s. It's been a while since this was recorded.

p.p.s If any of you remember garageband.com, this song won song of the week back in April 2006 and was featured on the front page of the country genre.

p.p.p.s One little error, my wife did not write this one, she wrote JD on Ice, which can also be found at this link. I wrote this one all the way through....dang brain cramps at it again...

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Totally cool, bro. This could have been written by the Eagles. With the phrasing and sensibility of Glen Frey, to be exact.

Bravo to you, Debra, and Rob.

And for others who don't know my brother well, he is downplaying his driving skills. Rated for doubles, haz-mat, and overload permits. So good at that job that other drivers would pay him to back their rigs into tight dock spaces.

"Ice Road Truckers" ain't got nothing on him.

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Sounds Good Sl, Ronws is correct it does have an Eagles flavor to it.

It is just a shame that no one takes the time to listen to this type of song anymore. Give me some good ole' Country Rock anyday. A melody that sticks in your head, a beat that is not overbearing or droning, A bass line that makes your feet move, and a guitar line that screams and sings at the same time.

Well done. :)

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Hey man, good job! I don't know anything from The Eagles, a part from Hotel California :(, so I can comment on that. But I thought that it is really nice, the story, and the music reminded me of some tunes from the 80s, probably because of the keyboards.

A few years back I wrote a song that I think has got the country music feeling, although I'm not qualified as a country music expert, and after listening to your song I thought about posting it just an acoustic guitar version, so you guys let me know what you think. Cheers!

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