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Dampening the larynx making voice thin?

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I have been able to bridge through my break for quite some time now, even before I bought the four pillars of singing. I wanted more power, distortion, strength and a better vibrato on high notes(especially vibrato, I love Roberts vibrato). While practicing workouts I have realized that whenever I dampen my larynx My sound sounds a lot more thin and the eh turns to ee as the sound starts to sound like im holding something back. If I don't worry about dampening the larynx and just focus more on vowel modification It sounds stronger but its not the tone I want. its to strait and there is no vibrato.

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It sounds like you are not dampening your larynx correctly. Dampening the larynx should not change the vowel "eh" toward "ee" but if anything more toward "uh"

I would recommend taking a skype lesson with Rob so he can show you how to do it correctly

One thing is for sure, dampening the larynx correctly will NEVER make your voice sound more thin, it's supposed to do the exact opposite.

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you have to dampen your larynx but move the dampening higher up in your throat.thatll free it from the pinching. it just isnt positioned properly. it's common to get that pinched sound when you first start off. it's kinda confusing cuz you first dampen at the lowest level in your throat but that also gives a pinched ee once you get better.

@owen, one thing I've noticed is that bari-tenor voices actually do thin out more than lower or higher voices at high notes. there's a certained forced quality that is different in a bari-tenor compared to rounder or edgier phonations in baritone/basses and tenors, respective ordering.

but anyrate, the positioning is still off.

dampening also takes a long time. unless your one of those talented people, it's not gonna perfect the first time.

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