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Vibrato help on high notes

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okay. so execution is the problem. try and practice vibrato on the onset and sustain a clean tone afterwards. this will feel backwards but it's by far the best way to execute vibrato, as using too much.vibrato on the sustain can cause problems.

dampening and improving adduction will eventually let you hold onto vibrato at higher notes, but you still need to execute them well. I can hold vibrato through pretty much my entire range, like up to B5, but I still get the execution wrong all the time.

when your dampening super high, most of the focus is on the larynx part, and the vowel is inconsequential as long as the voice isn't breaking out of the full adduction. if you can't maintain the full adduction at a pitch, then it's not ready for vibrato.

I hope those 3 parts covered all your bases.

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