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TMV 4 pillars = CVT's 4 modes????

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I was suggested to try out the Four pillars training system by Robert Lunte.

I just first have to ask, aren't those four pillars just the same as the modes in complete vocal technique?

Maybe a bit of a stupid question, but I just wonder.

/ C.

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I own it as well and the 4 pillars are not the same as the 4 modes in CVT. The 4 pillars are singing fundamentals where you learn some anatomy and terminology, which helps you understand what goes into singing. It includes helpful videos with examples and exercises.

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It is "TVS" not "TMV"... TMV is "The Modern Vocalist"... that is the community web site you are on right now. "TVS" is The Vocalist Studio, that is my private practice. www.TheVocalistStudio.com .

No, the 4 Pillars are not vocal modes... however we do teach vocal modes, switching, bridging registers and advanced formants in TVS... its the same stuff, just with a different name... but the "4 pillars" is not referring to vocal modes. At TVS, we dont feel we need to take Estill's original terms for vocal modes and reinvent a new term for the same thing... we just use Estillian terms to keep things easier to understand for singers.

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From what I understand, the similar concept in CVT to the 4 Pillars would be what CVT calls the "3 Overall Principles". They're not the same exact things as the 4 Pillars (and there's only 3) but they are both more the underlying foundation whereas the modes are the resulting sound types you can make when you have those 3-4 things under control.

See this CVT diagram, it's the top row: Support, Necessary Twang, and Non-protruding/tight Jaw/Lips


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