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Horrible news, Jimi Jamison passes away...

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Jimi Jamison -- who was the lead singer for the bands Cobra and Survivor -- passed away Sunday night. He was 63.

Jamison's booking manager, Sally Irwin, tells TMZ that Jamison died of a heart attack.

Jamison joined Survivor in 1984 (after they found success with "Eye of the Tiger") but was the lead singer on other classic songs like, "The Moment of Truth" (from "The Karate Kid"), "The Search Is Over," "Burning Heart" (from "Rocky IV) and "Is This Love."

Jamison was also the co-writer and vocalist for the song "I'm Always Here" ... the theme song from "Baywatch."

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Thanks for bring that up, Validar. I have been out of the loop, recently. My father-in-law passed at away 08-22-2014 at the age of 90. He would have been 91 in December.

So, I can only imagine what Jim's family is going through, and I know what us fans of him feel.

Blessings to everyone his life has touched or inspired.

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i was a huge fan of jamison and once got an email answered on a vocal question from him.

he's was another one of those guys with some great tone.

here's a cool video of him...(read the description too) at a piano in a hotel. watch as they gradually come to realize who he is....

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I agree with Bob. Tone was the thing. Some have worried and fretted over the C5 in the song. But more important was the heroic tone, which Jamie had.

I once saw an interview with him where he was also teaching music to the very young, giving them a passion and inspiration, even if they had no idea who he was. And it actually worked out better. He was just another "old guy" who knew something they could learn.

Thanks, Validar.

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