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My Dad used to say 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it." My brother would ask "why ask someone else how you should sing?"

My responce was that it must be broke, I can't sing past G4 without sounding like an injured goose. :o Of course if I would have been listening to punk rock I would have found out that a lot of singers sounded like an injured goose. :lol: (Some people like that sound :P)

My own philosophy is if you cannot do something that others can, ask those that can how they do it.

Also when I posted a song that was recorded a few years earlier I was asked "why post a song from a few years ago when you are trying to fix a problem that you have now?" "Post something that you are having a problems with

now. Then we can help you"

So I started posting songs that entered into the Passaggio. :D

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I like the tone of your voice. it's pleasant. :) The problem (or not) comes in, for me ears, with your accent. It is too pronounced in your singing. I understand that there are singers who like a country sound to their songs and that is fine. But that is a kind of interpretation or at times an embellishment. The rules of music and vowels still apply.At least the fundamentals.

For example your O sounds are not a sungO. They are more a spoken accent aaauooo or something. I don't know how to write it out .lol.

One or two weak spots as far as support and what I mentioned above but a pleasant sounding voice. You can sing! I think some more singing of the words rather than speaking them melodically would improve the overall presentation a lot.


Thank you Emanon for taking a listen. As I wrote, this was from a few years ago and Forum member Ronws pointed out the same thing when I first joined. Even before then I could tell that I had an odd way of pronouncing some vowels but could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

Ronws made a few suggestions that helped me alot in this area.

Thanks again for listening and leaving a comment.

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I worked on "Everything I own" quite a few years ago. I would need to relearn it but that could be one of my next recordings.

I like singing songs that I can personally relate to. There are quite a few people who I would give up everthing I have now to have them back. Material things.......I would not give up new friends for the sake of old......and that should never be a condition on friendship anyway.......

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