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Multi personality singers

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Been trying to play a little with my voice, adding 'twang', singing louder and quieter, etc... I'm pretty impressed with the distinct voices this can produce.

Made me think about singers that sing like two or three different people (and actually get away with it). The most outstanding example I could think of it David Bowie - hear below. He preserves his out-of-this-world personality with both vocal effects but it really sound like two different people. I must say that it's really cool.

Any other interesting examples? personal experience?

Edit: finally figured out how to fix the Youtube embed. :D

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Paul McCartney

Of course, some People think there were more than one anyway. :/ .................

"you don't look different but you have changed. I'm looking though you....You're not the same" I'm looking through you----- The Beatles

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let's not forget jackie wilson...

a masterclass in falsetto and head voice listen to all of this masterpiece...

his high notes on this first one will astound you



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