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15 hours ago, Onah Kingsley said:

Hello everyone. I've been trying to ask about pitching. When I'm pitching at A#5, the flow of air is outwards like I'm breathing out but when I start to pitch at C6 upwards, flow of air is onwards from the mouth like I'm taking in air for the sound to come out, I would like to know if there is any other way of doing it?

You can exhale with much the same muscle structure, it just takes time to build the coordination. For building whistle register on an exhale, it can help to take a full breath, then hold that breath in and "float." Once there, slowly release the air, as if you're trying to hold back as much as you can. This will initially result in vocal fry, but controlled well, can turn into squeaking out pitches. Over time, that squeaking can be brought under control and turned into specific pitches. You need to be focused on building light and very relaxed closed quotient. Remember, you are whistling from your glottis, not pushing it out. The moment you feel a lot of squeezing, you are trying too hard. 

One onset that can help you train into this type of compression, besides controlled pulse/fry, is what's described in The Four Pillars of Singing as Quack & Release. If you're not part of a TVS course that describes it, then here's one version of it:


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