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kansas first gig with ronnie platt

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Sounds good. I don't care about the stinking half note and no one is big enough to make me care about it.

And I saw Kansas live in 1982 with John Elefante and I didn't care if it was the exact key of the album, or not. Probably the rolling pot cloud impeded my "built-in key of the song detector."

Anyway, cool to see Kansas back in the thick of it.

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my bad. I should have clarified which notes don't bother me but then, I realized, I didn't know if we were talking about a difference from the album or a difference from Steve Walsh.

1982 was 32 years ago and I have slept since then, so I can't remember if the key they were playing then is the same as it is now. And I may have suffered effects from contact with clouds of pot smoke. It was at Reunion Arena in Dallas. Nowadays, the arena is gone. I don't know if they changed keys for John Elefante or not and in which direction.

I suppose we could get recordings side by side and judge from that.

So, Ronnie Platt is doing wrong by singing one half of one step lower (again, I don't know in comparison to what.)

Or, that this performance is somehow second-rate because it may be one half of one step lower either the original album as released on vinyl, or the remaster and rerelease on CD, or the different incarnations that had Steve Walsh, John Elefante, and now, Ronnie Platt. I am not sure to which singer and which era we are comparing.

Forgive me for speaking while not being an expert.

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maybe i didn't explain myself correctly. he sang a half step down prior to getting in with kansas. these tunes here are in the original keys.

i myself, find a half step lower (most of the time) can usually make a major difference in ease of execution and comfort. and it depends on the song, your present state of development, your particular voice, how you want to sound singing it, etc.

but all in all he did a very good job on these tunes. notice they did songs they haven't done in quite some time.

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