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Opinions on my covers [Talking to the Moon]&[Maps]

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Here ya go!!

Talking to the Moon:


So, what do you guys think??

I composed the instrumentals myself,

its not great but its okay right??

Last time I came here I was satisfied with the answer given.

In other words, this forum rocks!! :D

So, I need help once again..

Please be honest with your opinions!!

Oh and I fixed my

Rocketeer Ryan Tedder's part try:

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Of the three, I liked the Bruno Mars song the best.

You were okay on the Maroon 5 song even though you started low. And it sounds like you tried to record it like the original which has autotune, which is okay, for that genre.

Rocketeer was okay, too.

But I think you did best with Bruno Mars, which is more balladic with a more organic sound. Even though I don't follow Bruno's music all that much, I admire his style and his fresh sound.

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Well, I used the free sound editing software called Audacity for the effects on vocals and everything.

And as for equipments, I just use a 20 dollar microphone.

On the composing part, I used FL studio demo version. :)

Oh okay nice! You haven't used a pitch-correcting device? I could've sworn I'd heard some in the Maps rendition! Or does Audacity have one?

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Yes, Audacity has an external plugin (you will have to download separately) that can auto-tune your voice.

It is somewhat complicated but you can find a few good tutorials on youtube.

But if I recall there is one in FL Studio.

Not sure if it is on in the demo version though...

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