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The idea that you bridge is sort of wrong.

There are shifting points(the way the voice resonates freely) in everyones voice they are called "bridges". When you approach this place you manipulate the vowel so the resonance stays correct.

that is all:)

Cool topic. I think you accidently created a duplicate thread and you will now have to rely on the wizardy of Adolph to delete the duplicate. Or, it's a topic so big, it will need two threads. :)

I know that technically, by some definitions of range classification, I am probably bridging by F4. But I honestly don't know, nor do I pay attention to it, nor could I now be bothered to watch it, even with the advent of this thread.

All I know is I am looking for clean vowels, a full and "rounded" tone, if that is an accurate description. And usable volume that others may or may not interpret as "full voice."

I don't even think about bridging, though I have talked about it in the past, when I thought I could be an expert in singing. But I was wrong, which doesn't scare me. I have been wrong many times. Nor am I worried about losing respect as a "singing expert." I would like to think I am a singer.

Someone asked in a recent cover I did how I achieved a sound at a certain point and he wondered if I was doing something with the compression. I thought I was going for a rounded tone but I don't recall thinking about compression.

So, I am not much help any more. But I like your idea because it kind of fits my own. The way to get "one voice" is to seek one voice, even if the voice makes adjustments along the way, the overall sonic or auditory effect is one voice.

And yes, the better I get at vowel usage, the more relaxed and effortless it feels and sounds.

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yes but there are bridges you need to negotiate

When I go through Madison County in Texas, I think of the "Bridges of Madison County", though they are not fancy like the ones in the movie. These are just ordinary concrete and steel over creeks and rivers. But there be bridges to go over at about 75 mph. Yeehaw !

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Ronws.......That is how you handle it if you CANNOT find your bridge.......

But if we imagine doing that with a Bicycle or motorcycle we will understand better........Same principle is applied "lift UP and Pull Back". :cool:

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mdew the bridges are the same for everyone varying slightly but not much. all the work and science behind this was done years ago you just have to trust someone to show you thats it nothing new..

As in singing you have to experience it to understand the reference.... When "jumping" a bicycle or motorcycle over a ramp you must "Lift" the handle bars and "Pull back" a little so you are not too heavy in the front, otherwise you will crash and burn........

I was using this as a metaphor to Roberts "Lift up and Pull Back"

What's a Metaphor? Feeding cows. :lol: Hillbilly Humor. :rolleyes:

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Bob you are negotiating the shifts in resonance but if you miss them you pull and sound pressed flat and the voice loses the resonance. I did not create these laws of resonance they have been around for a long time. But it takes a lot of getting out of your own way and humbling yourself to a degree to learn it.

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the bridge is not something i intentionally (either performing or exercising) go into or out of....anymore.

well bob thats the thing you are not flipping, but you are not negotiating the bridges correctly if you were the resonance would stay consistent and the volume wouldnt have to get louder.

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Also, wouldn't you agree that the pocket kind of "expands"? As your technique improves, more stylizing can be done "inside" the pocket. I find my fatigue kicking in when you move in and out of it alot rather than something like singing high or raspy. As long as you manage to be in it, you can do what you do for a lot longer.

My 2 cents at least :)

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