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Summer Breeze

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I haven't posted anything here for a while, and summer is dwindling....

so I revisited this song, which I first I did last year. Now remixed and remastered, with improved harmonies. All vocals, and mix, by me.

I was particularly happy with the harmonies, especially around 2'20. I think I am 'crashing' some words at the end of lines.

As usual, constructive criticism is welcome.

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Perfect match of voice and song. It takes me back, too.

The 70's. First step-father was a boiler tech 2c on the USS Ogden (destroyer class) stationed at the Port of San Diego, California. (He had already spent an active combat tour in the Sea of Japan during the Viet Nam "Conflict" in 1969 and later transferred to the Ogden, which was stateside. He kept re-enlisting, hoping to make CPO (Chief Petty Officer) in the engine dept. (For those who don't know, CPO is a non-commissioned command rank similar to sargeant in the Army or Air Force.)

Sorry, I forgot to review your "technique." It was invisible while I went on a time trip 40 years in the past. Sheesh, I am old ....

Gee, thanks ....


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