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vowel modification and overtones

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When I came here I asked what were the first things a beginner should study.

Vowel modification was a consistent answer.

Now I've come across two extreme examples of vowel modification that result in prominent overtones.

Here's a male voice:

And a female voice:

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"GOOD EVENING WEMBLEY! YOU READY TO ROCK?!…….mee-oo-ee-uhh-ohh" and people be like dafuq?

That is very, very cool. Having control over the mechanism behind overtones probably has some other application, also? I hope?

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keep in mind, if you were to sing this in a dead room (a carpeted room, for example) you'd get quite a different result.

check this out below. this has become my primary warmup exercise. it is a great way to find and develop a very accurate, focused voice (and speaking).

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