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Just starting out... Help?

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Hey guys,

I have always loved music with a passion. Until now, I never thought I could be good enough to make music or be good at it. But after gaining some self confidence back, I really want to go for it. So I'm in a music theory class and I plan on taking vocal and piano lessons. I'm 23 right now, so I have two questions. Is it still possible to get better at singing at my age with no background training? People tell me I'm okay at singing, it's just the high notes and the strength I have problems with. So this leads to my next question: where is a good place to start? I google it and there's so much information that I don't know where to start.

Thanks! :)


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You can improve your singing at any age and if anything 23 is a great starting point

Start by finding a teacher who sings in a way you admire as much as your favorite singers (if they cant sing great themselves or have trouble explaining how they do it in a way you can understand, look elsewhere!) and if you can afford weekly or bi-weekly one on one lessons with them that is the best route. Online lessons vs. in-person doesn't matter, the quality of the teacher does, so you could do research both locally and through google and youtube.

I would not recommend learning entirely from forums, google, and youtube tips: there is too much conflicting information and you will get confused. Just use those resources as supplemental learning. If you find a great teacher and make the investment to take lessons regularly the foundation for your voice to grow will be extremely solid, youll improve quickly and save lots of time and frustration, so that is by far the #1 most important course of action in my e experience

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  • Administrator


The best place to begin is by contacting our founder of this Forum and The Modern Vocalist World, Mr. Robert Lunte.

For your convenience, here's his contact information :


Robert J. Lunte I 425.444.5053


www.skype.com : "rjlseagull"

Here's some additional information for you to check out >>

Singing Lessons - The Vocalist Studio (Seattle, WA)

The TVS Vocal Training Method


TVS on YouTube


Tour The Studio in Seattle!


The 4 Pillars of Singing- The World's Leading Vocal Training Program!



The Vocalist Studio offers one of the leading voice techniques and methodologies in the world for contemporary voice study. Robert Lunte and has developed one of the most innovative sets of techniques and products for singers recognized anywhere. Most beginning students enjoy huge results in less than 30-90 days of serious training. For experienced students, TVS is the first choice to take what you know about singing technique to the next level. Always cutting the edge of innovation and technology, TVS is an innovator in the industry and is setting new standards on what voice training can be and how it can be delivered. If you are interested in unlocking the mystery and confusion around vocal technique and finally get results. TVS has the answers for you.


Now I realize that some will say that I am biased since I am affiliated with this site, but I have each and every version and update of "Pillars" and have coached with Robert.

With that said, my singing abilities have exceeded my expectations !!!

Give Robert a call or write him. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed !

Extending you a sincere welcome to The Modern Vocalist World.

Warmest Regards,


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  • Administrator

Adolph, thats thoughtful, thank you... but its not entirely necessary to paste my stuff in here as such... thanks for your support Chief...

Karia, I can help you for sure... there are other coaches and smart people in here that can also help you... but Owen is correct, if your going to get serious, get lessons and invest in a GOOD vocal training program. My program, "The Four Pillars of Singing", honestly is one of the GOOD ones... but there are others as well... kinda depends on what you have time for and budget. My program is more comprehensive then many others, but its big... other programs are more simple in their offerings.

What situation are you looking for?

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Thanks everyone for trying to help. And my real name is Kelly, by the way. :)

To answer your question, Robert, I was looking for something cheap. i don't have a lot of money seeing as how I'm a student and a single mother. But I'm more than serious about doing whatever it takes to become a great singer.

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This isn't much different than purchasing an automobile. There are cars out there with all the bells and whistles and they cost a great deal. There are also cars out there that contain much less and are cheaper. I'm not talking about a cheap car as in junk but rather good cars just costing less because they lack all the fancy extras. But the cheaper car will get you from point A to point B just the same as the one with leather seats, heated outside mirrors, self parking, 6 speaker stereo car will. So the point is singing good. You need a teacher to help you sing good and quite a few can accomplish that. Do you want just that or do you want the extras also?

Some singing programs provide a lot of extra's. Some not so much. But what about the singing? In my opinion that's all that matters. I do believe a teacher is a necessity if you want to sing well. I had one. BUT I had a very different one more like the cheaper car. He was a friend of mine, we grew up together. We were both in bands as vocalists although different bands. His father sang opera/classically trained. That's how my friend learned. He taught me to sing but very informally. We were friends from a young age and he would always explain things to me and we would sing together and he would help me and correct me. Just like two friends playing any other games or sports.

But we never got involved in terminology, names, technique names or things like that. No, covering or curbing or edge or metel or whatever. I don't even know what half that stuff means. But I bet I do it at some point in my singing. And no "this is chest voice, this is head voice and that is falsetto " as we discussed in another thread here. It was simply....whoa! Hold on Clint, stop a second. Sing that again. Ok, listen to how I do it now and try doing this or that with your tongue." Or he may say, hey you know when we were kids and we watched that cartoon character and used to imitate him? Do that while at the same time doing this." We did things like that. We played with sounds based on his classical training from his father. But without labels and names and terms. So I can sing and i know the how and what of what i am doing, as well as the why, but what I don't know is all the little pet names of techniques and things like that. I just sing.

So I got a great deal of knowledge and ability but it lacked the bells and whistles of special little names and terms, CD's, Video, Books, online help, phone calls etc. Not that any of that is a bad thing, I'm just pointing out the difference between standard equipment vs all the extras and the choices one might have depending on how much they want.

Am I a great singer? I'm still learning even though I have been singing for many years. I will always learn. No one has complained and I get compliments. I guess I'm average but I get by and it works. Depending on what I want to do I may have to tweak things and work on others. Singing rock is one thing but if i wanted to sing classical i might have to do some extra work. But I'm satisfied. So, don't be put off by high prices. Figure out what you need and what you don't and shop from that perspective. 4 wheels and an engine will get you where you are going. Do you need a radio too? 4 wheel drive? Heated seats? It's up to you :)

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Or he may say, hey you know when we were kids and we watched that cartoon character and used to imitate him? Do that while at the same time doing this." We did things like that.

At work, my boss plays his ipod all day. And we discovered that we can cover song by the Cult by channeling "Marvin the Martian."

Seriously, try "she sells sanctuary" while thinking of that cartoon.


It's even more noticable on "Fire Woman."

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