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My voice usually hurts when singing.

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Usually when I sing, my throat hurts slightly. It's kinda like that feeling I get when I read a book out load for too long, my voice getting tired. I tried doing vocal exercises everyday, drinking a lot of water, singing low and soft, use my diaphragm/support, and move my body as little as possible at the start of each sentence. What I mean by that last bit is a bad habit I have when singing, which could strain my voice, but when I pay attention I can stop doing it. yet it still hurts most of the time. I just don't get it, how am I supposed to do it? Is my voice just too damaged?

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Invest in lessons with a coach and fix the problem in months, or spend years trying to figure it out on your own and hurting your voice more and more every time you try...

Your choice...

No, vocal programs cannot fix the problem for you - maybe if you study them very very intensely, but you are still on your own and it will take just as much trial and error whereas a great coach could identify the problem in seconds after hearing you sing one phrase.

The most likely answer is you need to learn correct breath support, but that alone you can't learn without lessons and there are probably a whole bunch of other tensions happening that are individual to you - this is why we have vocal coaches man, even one lesson recorded and practicing along to that will go a long way.

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first, drink aloe vera drink and rest your voice. if your vocal cords are inflammed, then if you keep singing you can make things a lot worse! Sometimes it can take 2 weeks to cure inflammed vocal cords if that's the case.

At any rate, when your voice gets comfortable again, try posting a simple scale or maybe post an example of what you practice when your voice starts getting sore.

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