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How can I sing like this?

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Hey guys, I've just begun my singing journey and need your advice. My goal is not to have an amazing, technical all powerful singing voice, but rather just something sort of unique so I can sing along with my guitar. The style I would sort of like to emulate is that of Ben Howard. If you don't know him, I'll post some links of him singing live. But yea, what I want to know is what style of singing is this? What should I be practising to lead me down the same road? How would you technically describe his singing voice? (so i could look up how do it myself.) Basically everything you can tell me about his voice :)

thanks a lot everyone!

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I am totally jealous of his guitar skills.

Any way, another vocal program might call it metal like neutral.

Another vocal program might call it light mass modal.

Another vocal program might call it M1.

He is singing in the center of his voice in a comfortable part of his range. Because the singing is more about telling a story than any stunt notes of having the lowest or highest. He is singing clean, so rasp or rattle is not important.

I would say, keep listening to him and absorb that style and practice it. You may sound a little different, and a little the same.

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