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can people hear the right pitch as the wrong pitch

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The other day I was singing like a stone by Chris Cornell with some great distortion, strain free, and having the time of my life. both my mom and my brother told me I was singing off pitch. I was very confused because I had been recording my self and listening back focusing very hard on pitch witch was for the most part spot on. I showed them multiple videos of Chris singing the song live and they both agreed that Chris Cornell sounded off pitch to. So....do you think people hear the right pitch as the wrong pitch?

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What music do they usually listen to? Chris is not singing a melody line that traditionally goes with that chord progression. Plus he is singing in a style that slurrs between notes for effect. This could cause someone to think he was generally out of tune.

But to really know if YOU were singing off pitch we would need to here it.

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A lot of non-musicians apparently don't know what pitch is so they just say you're off pitch when in fact something about your tone is off.

They just don't know any other way to communicate what they're hearing so they cut to the familiar term "off pitch". but I bet it is actually too much excess tension held somewhere in your body that is messing up your tone and this could very well be the case with Cornell too.

Or it could be they don't like the bluesy melody or they don't like distortion...etc....could be a million reasons, but if you post a file of you singing it here you will get some better critique from real singers.

The one thing you don't want to do is ignore the critique of immediate friends/family - it's not they are tone deaf, they just can't communicate what's annoying their ear because they don't know singing/musical terms correctly. Take it to a great singer or vocal coach and they'll kind of translate it for you and then you can make progress.

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I think Owen's answer is closest. That the people lack to words to describe what they don't like so they use the only word they know.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and a neighbor kid only knew about mufflers on a car so any time he heard a car that sounded like it had a mechanical problem, it was a bad muffler.

Or the guy in the story, "the Stand." The only word he knows how to spell is m-o-o-n. So, that's how he spells everything.

Sometimes, you have to consider what is more probable. Is it likely that people that do not have the developed ear of a singer and certainly not your exposure to the art of singing are correct in their assessment, or that you are right and they simply wish to bring you down, or are simply wrong and messing with your mind is just a side effect of whatever thing is in their mind?

Or, they could honestly think there was something wrong with Cornell's pitch that they are hearing and maybe it does have more to do with tone but they don't know how to say that, so they say "pitch" and you would be wise to not follow their critique because it would be inaccurate.

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i sing that song, and i think i know what they are referring to......

you have to realize the notes he sings in a lot of that song (especially live) all seem to have a fallout stylization to them...the pitch bends and/or falls as part of his style. so if you are emulating him well, you will perform the same stylizations.

when you decide to do a "hey folks what do you think of my singing" (we've all done it) the close friends and parents most of the time are the wrong ones to seek advice from.

it can go both ways, they'll say "you aren't doing well," or "you did great" (but actually might not have).

ask to be heard by someone who can tell you honestly and correctly.

send over a sample. it may be you do cornell well!!!

and don't let this deter you or hurt your feelings....okay?

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